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Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms/ mother figures out there! I love and appreciate everything you do! In honor of this special day, I had my mom on the podcast!

Edna beautifully explains what art is, how it inspires her, her favorite pieces, and what they mean to her.

She tells a funny (and slightly embarrassing) story of when I was a baby, and how she chose to homeschool me when I was younger.

I took this photo of my youngest sister,

during high school, and to this day it is one

of my mom's favorites.

I love you Mama!

I hope you had the best day! I can't wait to make some art with you soon.

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Atypical Art: Episode 6

Bella Robinson is a twenty-three-year-old actress, writer, and filmmaker born in Maine and currently based in New York City. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts & Theater Performance in 2019, educated extensively on directing, voice and movement, playwriting, philosophy, literature, all aspects of putting on a theatrical production, acting with various training methods, and more. Bella's most recent role was a supporting lead in Cinemascape Studios'  recent horror film "Abstraction" directed by Anthony Raus (featured in Episode Two ). Alongside other numerous hobbies, Bella is currently in the midst of writing a novel, creating more short films, and delving into writing a full-length screenplay based off of the coveted novel, "The Secret Garden".

Join us in learning about Bella's process in all of her different projects, she will explain her inspiration for her novel, how she decides what happens with her characters, and how she stays motivated to write. I am so excited to buy it when it hits the shelves.

Bella's best advice for young actors is to have fun with it and work really hard. No matter what part you get, you can bring your own twist to a character to make it your own. Also, if you love something and it makes you happy... don't care what anyone thinks. Go for it.

She loves parts that challenge her, horror, thrillers, mysteries, or dramas, her least favorite parts are stereotypical/ shallow parts. She is very eager to play every kind of role, besides what she would be "type-casted" in.

Often times Bella will film shorts in the woods near her parents' house. You can watch them on her YouTube!

Bella's film "Her." received an award for participation in the second round of the 2019 Lift-Off Sessions @ Pinewood Studios.

Check out Bella's full resume and all of her short films on her website.

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Episode Five

Unfortunately due to Instagram's updates our live interview was deleted and could not be recovered. Below I will give the highlights of our conversation and hopefully in the future I can have Jess back on.

Jess is a visual artist and experimental animator currently based in Boston, MA.  They explore themes of queer identity and relationship, seeking to both de-stigmatize and celebrate queer bodies and sex.  Jess's practice includes tying together traditional media, written word, and video art.  

Atypical Art: Episode 5

During the interview, we discuss the impact that family has on art. Both Jess and I have multiple siblings and often times use them as models/ actors in projects.

Growing up Jess always kept a sketchbook, and would occasionally get in trouble for drawing on an assignment during a boring class.

Heading into their fourth year of college at Mass Art, Jess works with a multitude of mediums, ranging from sketches to short videos.

My personal favorite video being

Jackie the Chicken, I laughed and cried.

Go watch it.

Check out Jess' video creations on Vimeo

Below is a set up of Jess' at-home studio!

Their best advice for younger artists is to just go for it and experiment with different artforms. Don't be worried about failure or success, just do what makes you happy. Jess has been developing their style for years and sees themself in almost every sketch. So many of their pieces are inspired by their written word or feelings at that moment.

You can find Jess' work on Instagram @artjesst

Jess has their commissions open, so you could have your very own Jess Malenfant original!

I absolutely love mine, Jess' attention to detail is breathtaking. All I told Jess was that I would like an image of myself, and when I opened it... I cried.

They included the perfect colors to go with my planned gallery wall, the background mimick my painting style, the necklace from my boyfriend that I never take off, my current nose ring, and they made my eyebrows absolutely perfect. Overall, overjoyed with my Art Jess original. Get yours today.

You can message Jess on Instagram or send them an email at .

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