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Meet Christie Rose, founder of Wild Rose Arts

Hi, I'm Christie, the founder of Wild Rose Arts

I’m a passionate advocate for artists and their work, and I have a deep commitment to helping artists achieve their professional goals. 
I believe in creating unique experiences for my clients, and I strive to help my clients create a lasting impact on the art world. As a professional art manager, I work with a variety of artists to manage their art portfolios, help promote their work, and provide them with resources and guidance. From curatorial to advisory services, I’m here to provide invaluable support to help artists reach their full potential. If you are looking for assistance with your art career, let me help you! 
Artistic Brand Advisor: Consultation Request
How will you attend?
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I  created this workbook as a starting point for artists to learn how to manage their social media without burning out.  This is the general information I give to all new clients. This workbook can be purchased for $200 by emailing me!  

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