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Katie Hackett is a twenty-nine-year-old musician located in Philadelphia. Katie Grew up in a very musical family, with her dad and brother also being musicians. Kaite's solo endeavors can be found on Spotify under Katie Bird.

Check out her new single "Chimes" released at the end of May.

The Lunar Year is an indie folk band based out of Philadelphia, PA. The group is led by front person Katie Hackett.

Their album "Herodias" was released June 2017. The record includes single "Porcelain" which gained them a cult following, television placement and international features/radio play.

Instagram: @lunaryearband, @katiebirdmusic

Katie uses music as a way to express and process her feelings, when she feels like she can't talk about them. Her advice to young musicians is to keep expressing yourself, and don't let people bring you down just because you didn't have the same path in life. Art is art no matter what your background is, you don't need to go to college to label yourself as a musician.

"Art is art, it's an expression of yourself"

Twitter: @LunarYearBand

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