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Jess Hansen

Episode Ten

Jess is a mixed media artist located near Albany. Jess enjoys working on a larger scale using plaster molds and objects she finds with her metal detector. Jess' project for quarantine was building her own free-standing studio in her backyard. Soon she will have the space to create large scale sculptures and get messy.

Atypical Art: Episode 10

Jess is an active member of the board at Albany Center Gallery, and when I met her she was the board president. In episode 10 we talk a lot about what artists can do in the community. Jess brought tup a grat point "if you are unhappy with your community, get involved to make a change". There are so many opportunities in our area and we need to take advantage of them.

The arts centers are struggling during these times, we need to help them as much as we can. Make a donation, any amount helps. If you can't donate money, donate your time, you can volunteer, share a post, spread the word! You can also donate your work to be raffled off to support the arts. Anything helps.

Jess plans on selling these birds of prey prints to support the arts. Keep an eye out on her website.

Jess and I talked about art etiquette and what you can do to support local artists directly.

We both encourage you to do what you can, and remember, it doesn't cost anything to like or share your friend's work.

Jess was one of the artists chosen to paint one of the many Nipper Dogs that were scattered throughout Albany.

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