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Jade Warrick (TrashKid)

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Atypical Art: Episode 4

Join us in learning about TrashKid!

Jade has been located in New York for the past four years, and in that time she has contributed so much to the community, including LGBTQ, women's rights, youth efforts, and of course the art community.

Below you can see some of the works she talked about in the podcast:

Her comic strips that can be found on The Collaborative's site, or see her murals around the Albany Area.

You can follow Jade on Instagram @Trashkid_art or Facebook

Jade is currently involved with a few collaborations,

possibly with NullVoid and David Reli with Lfy Supply.

She is also working on a graphic novel with Youth FX

and children's Author Noelle Gentile about the trials

youth are facing during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Jade was apart of a group of artists that created portable murals dedicated to the staff of Albany Medical Center.

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